Monday, July 29, 2013


Fine Ass Shot.  Taken last week.  Scorecard from any hotwife lovers out there, scale of 1-10?

hotwife ass pic

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another update

She got a hold of the proverbial handyman.  Happened about 4-5 weeks ago or so.  Actually, he is this guy -

I did not have time to give more details so here are a little more.  He came over to fix an appliance at our house, I called him, he was recommended by a friend.  He came over when I was not home and took care of the problem quickly.  She called me after he left and said he was sooooo cute that she could barely contain herself.  Said she wanted to jump him but was too shy, lol.  So, I did what any Husband of a hotwife would do, I texted him.  I said, you made my woman so happy to have that finally fixed and sent him a picture of her all done up with a nice big smile on her face.  And then texted, 'call me when you are alone'.  I am sure that interested him, probably didn't know what that was all about, but I figured if he wasn't attracted to her that he would never call or maybe he would just be to professional for a follow up call, not sure at this point.  He did.  Somewhere in there I asked him if he thought she was hot.  He hesitated, but blurted out that I was a very lucky guy as she is super hot.  I said, well, it just may be your day then, lol, cause we have an open relationship and she really likes you.  I gave him her phone number and he texted her within 10 min.  I got a call from her saying what the hell did I just do?  I said, uh oh, why do you ask?  She proceeded to explain how she just got a call from 'J' and she said that you told him that we had an open relationship and that he would love to hook up, what the hell were you thinking?  hahaha, then she said Thank You! about a million times and floated off into dreamland as she went off texting him for the rest of the night.  Those posts I listed above shows a bit more of what happened.  But, to sum it up and bring it to date, he comes by every week for a very hot 30-45 minutes of pounding her all over the living room.  He even came in her mouth and it was not caught on video so she owes me big time on that one, lol.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick Update

She stayed the night with a gentleman a couple weekends ago at very fine hotel located downtown.  Had the top floor with a wonderful view.  I stayed late and then left them together around midnight, filmed the entire time I was there with three cameras/angles.  She was very, well, to be honest, drunk, lol, when I left.  She said he woke her up every 2-3 hours or so and they fucked in different places around the room each time. Even had her put her high heels back on and stand spread eagle against the huge window that was the entire wall while he took her from behind.. None of that was on video so I only have my imagination to work with.  With her being half drunk by this time, I can only imagine he had his way with her while she was fucked like she has not been in a long long time.  She was all smiles the next day, but couldn't remember much, had to get details out of her a little at a time over the next few days, lol.

In August she is traveling to stay a Friday and Saturday night with him.  She is really starting to enjoy things as you could imagine....  She is taking all three video cameras and promises me some very good video. They plan on fucking the entire time, so I do believe her on the good video part. Oh, and he was just tested for std and so was she, so, they are not using condoms.  He is just pulling out and coming on her so she doesn't get pregnant.  Um ya, hot.  He says he wants to come inside her so he is looking into getting snipped soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

She is an experience....

Last pic - even has some booty line showing right where her ass cheek starts, dayuuum...  I keep telling her she is breathtaking.  She shrugs it off and is shy about it.  Zero ego.  I think she just comes into her own at times like this.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spelling errors

I get this, people expect there to be no errors in spelling or grammar for something that is worth their time in reading.  I really do get this.  I do have a spell checker, I use it, but as we all know, they only work so well.  I always read a new post at least once before I hit publish.  Then out of paranoia I go to the official blog page and read it all over again, cuz its for real this time, lol.  I find errors all over and fix them using these methods.  Yet some slip through.  I am sorry for causing such a problem for some of you.  I am pretty smart with some things, those things engage me, I am sorry, spelling does not.  If I could put my hand on your forehead and zap the stuff I am trying to get across to you, I would.  Spock would approve.  I am very engaged, very interested in what I am thinking about when I write, that I type way way too fast.  I only type 35 words per minute with no errors on this small laptop, but when I do type these posts, I am so excited, sometimes I try and type at 60 wps.  As you can imagine, the errors pile up.  If I am not excited about what I write, then no post will happen, I have nothing inspiring to write about.  Vicious circle.

But I feel that the people that might be reading this stuff, these types of topics, are ok with the occasional error as they also are more interested in the content rather than playing grammar police. So, I will continue to post and assume only the 1% are bothered by it.  If I am wrong on this percent, please email me at and clue me in, please.  Also, I would be grateful if you did see an error and had the time, shoot me an email on what it is, please do not comment the post though, people who are publically told they are screwing up have a tendency to shoot back, myself included, as this poor guy found out:


  1. Hmmm...interesting. If I had been scanning that particular Craiglist ad, the first thing that would have struck me is that the author had no idea that the correct spelling should have been "piqued"; and I'd have stopped reading there. "Peaked" has an entirely different meaning, and the incorrect use means that it would be unlikely our passions would have peaked together. So I'd have moved onto the next, more literate ad.
  2. Maybe that is why I never found anyone that fits the bill with this ad, they were so hung up on the spelling of the words in the ad that it turned them off. Good, not the type of guy I was looking for, way too much into himself then feeling the need to take a woman places of pleasure she has never been. I am sure the next excellent craigslist ad worked well for you, 'looking for cock, must be today only, me so horny' lol Cause there are soooo many well written craigslist ads to work with every week.

    If you look closer, the entire blog I am sure is full with spelling errors. Very sorry, I don't have a lot of free time and must punch these out quickly sometimes. I feel the content is important and that a word here or there misspelled does not void the content, if so, would you rather I take the blog down? Does it really blow it that bad for you?

I really just ignored this comment other than just made sure I never missed a re-read of a post before I published it.  But I had another one. Then another one.  I deleted those comments, fixed the mistakes.    I would have gone off on them even more than this guy, but then I realized to act as though they never existed would be much better suited, comment deleted, ta-da! gone.  I figured if I don't have time to post an encounter, then I sure as hell don't have time to respond to people I could only hope to never meet in life. As we obviously would be wasting each others time, neither of us would have an ounce of respect for each other.  Harsh, maybe, probably true though.

Sorry if this post even seems like a waste and some are saying ON WITH THE GOOD STUFF, okay, you got it.  Coming right up.

Monday, April 29, 2013

For certain encounters, my presence affects things

This is a huge dilemma for me.  Concerning the first meet with a new guy for potential fucking.  This visit is more special than the rest.  It is so unscripted, so natural, so animalistic that it is at the very heart of what I want to capture on film.  Done well, I will go solo 4 times the first time I get to review it, just like I did last monday night when I was reviewing Sunday's activities, lol.  But there is a balance of how much of me being in the room  is affecting things.  Without myself being in the room, the great epic shots will not be captured as stationary cameras are more luck when it comes to being pointed at the right angle and always have to be set at a wider angle so they can catch as much as possible incase they move around.  So, with a small protest from her, I agreed to setting up 3 cameras and for me to stay out of the room for as much as possible. ( 3 cameras??? she said, lol)  Figured 3 cameras might get more lucky.  They did. Still not as good as if I was there, but I would say 80%. I can live with that.  I felt that if I didn't come in the room, then I just might capture more raw natural footage by letting the dice roll on 3 cameras.  Have to wait till the guy was super comfortable and actually telling me to be there so he could actually show off his talents in giving my woman the time of her life.

I learned a bit and I am also cheating some.  First, GoPro cameras suck for this kind of thing unless they are picked up by one of them and held from a point of view angle, going to have to wait for future visits for that I think. Crappy vid quality (in comparison) and way too wide of a picture, people are the size of ants even if the camera is on a nightstand.  But, if that is all you got, use it, as it did actually save my bacon on one angle.  See for when he is pulling her thong to the side on the last 2 pictures.  Thats a GoPro camera and thankfully it was there getting that angle, it was hot.  But now for the cheat - 

read up about it here:

So far, I have not been able to test it.  I bought a JVC GZ-EX210 to work with it but the cradle only works with 2013 JVC cameras and the EX210 is a 2012.  I sent it back and will be ordering 2 more 2013 cameras,  yes, 2 more. Those 2 along with the Panny I am using   gives me 3 camera angles to work with (bye bye GoPro).

Back to the cradle - if you read up on it you will see that you can control panning and zooming of the cameral by remote through an app for your smartphone or tablet.  I did get to use the 210 model on this last visit and did try out the zooming feature via remote from my car in the parking lot below the room.  Yup, I saw every single thing they did.  I could zoom in and out and press record or pause at any time.  This let me be able to decide if I needed to go ahead and enter the room and hand film myself or to stay out as the camera was getting good stuff.  It also let me be involved while they were having fun instead of just sitting around and wondering what they were doing.  And finally, it got rid of the only reason I had chose not to do this in the past, her protection.  I never left her alone in the past on a first meet, always took a few hookups for both of us to feel comfortable.  But now, hell, I could call 911 faster from my car then I can if I was in the  room and had to fight a guy.  This becomes a deterrent for a guy with bad intentions from doing anything evil from the start.  If I was in the room and a guy had bad plans, as much as I say I can take care of myself, I am kidding myself with every encounter that might happen.  I am not nearly as a deterrent as a camera recording everything and sending the video remotely to another location.  While the footage is kept on the camera, both screen stills and short clips can be sent to the remote location and saved, automatically if set to do so.  So even if he trashed the cameras/SD cards, evidence still exists and cops are on the way.  

Hate to talk like I did above, but it is the world we live in and a nice deterrent can let us relax more, just saying.  How did it work? good, not great, but good enough.  With a second camera and them both on cradles, this will be great.  Then I can get with the guy to see how comfortable he is and at a predetermined time, I could come in and pick up the panny and get some epic shots, but if not, I can just work the 2 cameras remotely and get plenty of good stuff.  Finally, after a few visits, or when ever it just feels right a some guys want me there the whole time to show off, even from a corner chair I can use the remote control on the cameras on the other side of the room and still get improved shots without getting up too close and have them feel like I was hovering.  Some don't like that. And it does affect things.

I will let you know how it goes the next time, I should have one camera on a cradle and one not, and also my panny, all looking from 3 different angles.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Sunday, new guy

This guy does it for her.  Big time. Older, more experienced, takes what he wants, yet excites her with things she has never seen before.  He is most definitely leading her how he wants things to go for future meets.  There are lots of texts going on about how her ass is his next time and how for the first time a man will be cumming down her throat, a topic she won't even discuss with me.  Yet she is excited to get busy with him on working on it.  That right there should tell you many things about these two getting together.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Wednesday night

I don't have time to write at the moment, but still wanted to post a couple pics from last Wednesday night, 2nd hook up with the guy from Friday night.  Looks like they are planning on meeting again this Wednesday night but I am not going, she is meeting him alone in a hotel in his home town but promises to set up the cameras.  This will be the first for that, I will probably be going nuts waiting for her to get home, can't wait!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're Back!!

Bam!  I am very excited.  Ok, I might be jumping the gun here.  To summarize the last 3'ish weeks, we are talking more.  We opened up to each other more than we have ever before about our feelings on the topic of the hotwife lifestyle.

It started with a blow up between the two of us, basically me finally voicing things I have noticed on where we were headed, room mates.  Very good room mates, best of room mates.  Boy did I not know how those two words got her to talk to me.  She hates those words.  She said "Is that all you want out of this, to be room mates?".  I answered with a hell no, but then talked about the signs I see.  We talked about those and that brought out even more things.  To sum that up, I could say that we most likely jumped into the hotwife lifestyle and continued in it too soon and too fast with not enough communication during the whole thing.  Looking back, it's easy to see, you know the saying on that.

But since we stopped 'playing' we both have had lots of time to think about things and be reminded of the normal lifestyle.  This was a very good thing.  We covered a lot of different topics, including her lessening libido, possible causes and what we could to to improve it.  Come to find out, we needed to talk about lots of things, things she was not opening up to me about but needed to be discussed.  For now, that's all, I will try to blog more about more details soon.

So where do I get 'We're Back!!" from?  The real good news is, she is texting two gentlemen now and one of those she plans on meeting in a week or two.  She even sent one of them some naughty pics of herself and she has been simmering all week long with a very high libido as she rides the high of thinking about fucking these guys.  We have more talking to do and she even says she has not decided on anything yet, but her foot is well into the water I would say at this point........

Just for adding a couple pictures to the context of what I wrote, here are two of the pics she sent one of the guys:

hotwife blog

Needless to say, he was a little speechless and I think he will be fucking her later tonight, she just won't know it as he is 7 hours away and will be all by himself when he does, lol.  He will probably be fucking her several times this week actually, I am sure.  What I see is her awakening to what she really wants and going after it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dreamy Hotwife

Just thought this pic was high on the scale of hotwife hotness.  Everyone is getting high off this erotic moment.  The stud is getting to fuck a hot and otherwise not accessible wife and possibly gets the joy of taking her new places that 'married' sex either quit taking her or never took her in the first place.  The two of them get to enjoy this immensely, both in their prime physically for fucking and both giving and taking what each other needs. Hubby gets to see this,  I know first hand on how he is doing! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

First time she had 'extra' fun

This one actually doesn't count as playing outside a relationship, as technically they broke off the relationship earlier in the day.  But of course mr boyfriend thought he still 'owned' her so he made sure to spread bad things about her when he found out.  Typical high school antics.  Yes, it was in high school, they just broke up and she wasn't going to stay at home and pout about it.  So she decided to go to the school dance as a single and show every one what he lost and of course flirt all night long.  It didn't take long for her to be sitting at a table next to a guy she had always thought was a hottie.  Even shorter time to be stroking his cock under the table through his dress pants.  She said it lasted about an hour, oh my how turned on he must have been and how much she wanted his cock inside of her.  I am sure he wanted to fuck her bad, her in such tight jeans that she said everyone used to stare at, she just loved the attention.

So there they are, 18 years old and both as horny as hell and she is just acting out with what she enjoys.  Playing in a taboo way, being naughty right out in public, but yet she needed it, to finally be free to be able to take what she wants, in hand, literally.  Up till then, she had never felt another cock other than her ex from just hours before, so the first thing she does is feel up another one, lol.  This is so fucking hot for me to think about.  Sure, lots of other things being played out here, but still, underneath it all, she needs cock, she needs it responding to her touch and if she can have her way, she needs it driving into her over and over, soon.  Even at this age, she is learning about herself and her needs.  So, while this was not technically cheating, its just a few hours outside that cheating window, isn't that hot?  Stays the good girl yet is grabbing new cock asap, easily justifiable in her mind that she waited long enough to get what she wants.

Years earlier, she says she learned to masturbate at about age 8 or so, by laying on her stomach on a hard carpeted surface and grinding her pelvic mound into the ground so that is activates her G spot just on the other side.  She still does it today, takes about 5 min.  Not only does she not deny herself what she needs, but it gave her ass a great work out each day, tada, now we know how she got that ass!!

Point I am trying to make, good for her, I wish I could have been there that night watching her at that table like an obsessed groupie, but Ill take what ever I can get at this point! But its not me pushing her, its me just wanting to watch her be herself.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Losing weight and libido update

To answer a couple of comments, no, we are not currently 'playing'.  Wish we were, but there are a bunch of little issues that just are not letting it be as enjoyable as it could be.  Number one, her libido is pretty low, which I feel is due to her feeling not as attractive as she wants to be.  Nothing to do with the hotwife lifestyle, this is just her wanting to lose some weight and feel good about herself.  Her ideal weight is about 125-130 for her height, she is about 150.  She looks great in my eyes and everyone else's, but she just can not be herself until she loses down to her goal weight.  She is currently going to weight watchers as she loves to be accountable each week to have to weigh in, so the program is great for her.  Started at 156, now just about 148.  Until her libidio is up, nothing sexual is interesting to her, def not going through the work of finding a fuck buddy.

Number 2 reason, I am in the same boat with the weight loss, I have a lot going on at work that affords me very little time at home to excersize and when I do get home, all I want to do is relax and take my mind off of work.  But my libido is not low but constantly driving me and making me always think of very naughty things, mostly of her being very very naughty.  Luckily I have a few videos of her and her various fuck buddies having fun to watch and go solo to, without those I would be very stir crazy. I constantly see things in each vid that I had not noticed before and it is so awesome every time I do.  I don't last.  It's a band-aid for sure, but it knocks my libido down for the day so I can get back to concentrating on work and such.  Keeps me thinking of her and yet no so much that I am clawing after her when she is not in the mood.  I go solo to her at least once a day, twice if I missed the day before.  And if something gets me turned on that is not something to do with her, rarely do I end my solo session unless I find a way to put her in the 'scene', then POW, I explode.  Even if the scene its self is super hot, great looking pornstars and they seem to really be enjoying things, its hot, but if I pop her into the scene, that does it, I am done.

So that is where we are today, many other little issues, she has brought up a few, but then they seem to go away.  Last one I finally got out of her was that she doesn't like the camera there, that she feels like she putting on a show for me.  I am taken back by this quite a bit as this must be new as she has always said that she doesn't even know the camera is there after a few minutes of fun.  I also have video proof that she doesn't even know what planet she is on most of time once the fucking begins, lol.

But still, I have taken everything she says in to think about and I do think about them.  It seems to me that she gets bothered by it if the guy she is with is bothered by it.  I have video proof of that exactly happening on the last guy she with.  He did not feel 100% comfortable with his face being on film, never told me it was a problem, but you could tell it was.  And she seemed to feed off of that.  Also, he cut contact with her as a clean break, first one to do that on their end, its always been her that cuts it off.  So, she ran many things things through her head on why he did that as she REALLY liked him.  She came up with many ideas on why, all or some might have played into it, but probably he just wanted it that way due to a new or ex girlfriend returning to his world.   But after that instance, she let me know the camera was an issue for her sometimes.  Definitely going to have to think how to be a little more inconspicuous with the camera and def feel out the guy more on this true feelings.  I think they want to fuck her so bad that they overlook on how they really feel about the camera.  I can work on that.

What many may not know is, I really was not the driving force for her to want to seek out her indulgences outside a relationship.  She has had three instances in previous relationships where she had some fun on the side.  I knew of 2 of them till recently, the 3rd I just learned about last year which was extremely hot to hear.  Also, when we were talking as we got to learn more of each other at the beginning of our relationship  there were a few things that happened that also pointed towards her really needing to be fucked when she needed to be fucked.  lol. I want to put these things in writing next blog entry so I can think them through.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Gaze of Men

She has lost a few pounds.  I never knew how much this affected things with her confidence, as in just a few pounds.  I understand 50 pounds. But I'm a guy and we can fluctuate 10 pounds in a week, we don't think about it much.  She has always been in shape, sexy, and I would say thin.  But while a few pounds on me I would not even notice, she can be devastated by it.  She and other women keep it all to themselves of course, but I notice how it affects her.  I see how it affects her to have a guy check her out, or in the case of her not being confident, how it affects her to NOT be checked out.  'The Gaze of Men' is something reserved for the sexually attractive and is a fleeting thing, age finally overtakes things and women slowly slip into what more prudent woman would call 'Maturity'..  Lol, this is quite interesting in many cases as so many woman quietly miss the 'gaze' and even have long term regrets of losing it.  Even if they never would have taken an offer of something more from a man that obviously found her quite attractive, just knowing that she 'still has it' is enough to brighten her week or more.  This stuff is way more powerful than I can write about in a paragraph and yet is all 'under the table'.  As in, women will run these thoughts through their mind, but most of the time we will not hear much about it. 

I mention this in prelude because of how I feel this is a great equalizer for women if they ever wanted to have fun with it.  As strong and as powerful as men are, there will always be one thing they can't just take by sheer will, a woman allowing and desiring his advances.  This has always caused problems for men that could not handle that fact, as history has told many stories of men trying to take what is otherwise not given to them.   But for sane men, they are bound by a woman's desire for them or not for them as any case may be.  Their strength and powerful will is completely held in check by even the softest touch of a woman's hand or the slight unobstructed view of her naked body.  This is very real power and control.  In the text of my life, if she only knew how powerful she was.... 

That being said, 'The Friend' has shot her a recent text of him wanting a picture of her in a see through top.  She responded with I will send one shortly.  Then texted me and said that she has been thinking of him lately.  That is the first thing I have heard from her in a long long while that had anything to do with the hotwife life.

I still continue to talk to a couple guys on Ashley Madison, cool cool guys.  Lots of insight of things.  Last I wrote was how they explained why I am so into seeing her getting attention from another guy.  I am still planning on writing about it, just have not found the time.  But I do know its powerful and the only way I have found to fight it is to just go solo on a regular basis to knock down the extreme lustful thoughts to something more manage day to day.   

Friday, April 20, 2012

Libido and Ashley Madison

Her libido is directly attached to her self confidence of how she looks and how much she weighs.  I don't blame her, I am the exact same way, very hard to get in the mood when you don't feel sexually attractive.  I can tell her till I am blue in the face that she is so hot, but if she doesn't think so, then what I say has no effect.  So, as she fights the fight of getting on the scale each week, I will continue to dream naughty things.

I continue to talk to a few guys on Ashley Madison though.  These guys are of a different breed for sure.  Very much into turning her on starting with her mind.  They think things through and know what they want, specifically, and talk about bringing her to places she has never been before.  Very nice.  I talk to these guys on a regular basis, have told them she is taking a break, they are fine with it.  In the meantime I get to pick their brains some on what they are looking for and wish things to happen when meeting a woman in the hotwife life.  Very hot stuff indeed.  One in particular really helped me reason out why I like to watch her be taken by another man.  He seemed to be able to completely fill in the blanks for me, ones that I just couldn't seem to fill by my self, most likely because I am too caught up in the moment.  As I talked to him, pieces of the puzzle came rushing in to fill in as his pieces took shape, it all totally made sense, finally.  I will try and write it all out next post, I think its important for me to get it out on 'paper' and he thought that she really needs to read it to help her understand me.  That is exactly why I started this blog, for both of these reasons.

Monday, January 30, 2012


We are still alive and having fun in our real life.  Just have not done any activities in the hotwife life.  I have done some major thinking about lots of topics surrounding the hotwife life and have been able to put some things in perspective.  I will write about it in a bit when I get time.  I will say that she said if we ever get back into the lifestyle that she had a certain guy picked out to jump start things again.  So I am happy she is still interested, but wonder what will be different this time.  I pretty much pulled the plug last time due to us not really being in the lifestyle yet the door left open for her to hook up with previous hotties when ever she wanted.  It didn't feel like the lifestyle, it felt like old boyfriends could stop by anytime and my weekend will be changed because of it.  I don't have a problem of that at all, I just wish it would happen more often.  So I would basically be teased to death wanting it to happen asap and it never happening or I would give up thinking about it and make plans for the weekend just to have them blow up when one of her guys came to town.  It really just slowed way down and we really were not in the lifestyle at all.    I already wrote about this in one of my last posts, but just wanted to blog again to get back in the habit.  I plan on posting more soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have looked at this from many different angles.  But the same common theme is loss of libido.  I'm talking about of course our lack of having fun in the hotwife lifestyle these days.  I have extreme high levels of libido at this point in my life, but she does not seem to have any 'extra'.  We seem to be just fine with our sex lives, I am happy, she says she is, so its just the extra that is missing.  She does not seem to have any interest in looking for the next fun hotwife night.

I dont know what normal libido levels are, I would hate to look up some study done to apply any of their conclusions.  There are just so many factors that nobody can say for sure unless there is a complete lack of it or an out of control level of if.

But for me, its very frustrating.  My fault entirely.  To put it in words that make sense, its like a kid that thinks about going to Disney Land all the time, every hour of every day.  Thinking about it so much because he was told that he was going to go soon.  But after so many months have gone by, it has become too frustrating to think about it any more.  So the kid would mope around and be depressed, maybe even lash out in some fashion in some other area of his life.  Sure, he could blame who told him he was going.  But this could have all been controlled by him not digging his own tunnel through frustration mountain.  If he would have not gone so 'nuts' for it, then he would have been more balanced to take the let down and just moved on to other things that excite him.

That would pretty much nail it for me right now.  I am completely able to balance things in my life and have taken responsibility for my own thoughts.  I see myself still thinking about her being fucked by another man in various hot situation, I am sure that is not going to stop.  I am going to still blog about previous hookups as I love to think of such things and if the hookups we have had in the past are 'it', then I have even more to say about them.

But, I have called off the hotwife life for now.  Her and I have talked some about this, not any deeper then I felt her libido wished to discuss it.  This blog post lets her know even more about what I am thinking, another lane of communication for us.

I just felt I wanted to close the door for it completely.  It is easier for me to balance things if I know the door is closed.  You see, it was actually already shut all the way for many months now, I just didn't know how much, except for a small crack.  That was her saying if any of the super stud hunks that she has talked to in the past on the internet ever called her up and finally came to town, she wanted to be able to still fuck them.  I am not comfortable with that.  That is an open relationship that is one sided, not the hotwife lifestyle.  That just tells me that she is not interested unless these guys are 10's.  Like anything less is not interesting for her.  That tells me alot about her interest in all of this.  I then feel that if I was to pursue this and bring any thing up about it, that I am pushing it.  I will not do that.  That is it right there, for me to even have to 'push' means this is wrong wrong wrong.

So, as it stands now, we are not currently 'playing'.  We have not in many many months,  we actually stopped a long time ago.  But now I am closing the door to it.  No guy out of the blue is going to be changing my weekend plans because he is coming to town.  I am not interested nor impressed, lol.

If she wishes to have hotwife fun again, I feel as though I would not believe her and its only because some hot guy is coming to town and its going to be a one time thing where we go a year till the next guy.  I feel this way, she would not actually do this, she is too sweet, its just me thinking and feeling this way.  But regardless, I am not interested. I would rather turn my attention to something else, even if its complete fantasy, even if its her being fucked by a guy, it is just going to be in my head to enjoy, not ever becoming reality.

If things do head that direction again,  I would do things differently.  I would change things, make things hotter with role playing and really have fun with painting a scenario and getting into it.  I need to organize my thoughts more on it, she can then read what it would take to get my interest at the same time so at least she knows.  But she is only going to pursue this if she is truly 'up' again with her libido to even want to talk about things.  I don't think this is going to happen anytime soon.....  and I am not interested at all in going back to the way it is now..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update on 'The Friend'

Thought I would update some -  The friend from did create some sparks in the recent weeks, hot ones.  After a few weeks of not talking about anything related to this, just about day to day stuff, I brought up if he wanted any new pics.  He said 'Of Course!' very quickly, so I texted him a couple hot recent ones of her.  He texted back with the usual 'OMG SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT!' type responses and a few more of how she really needed a hard smack on her ass so it left a bright red hand print about the size of his hand.  When I saw him a couple days later, I finally just approached the topic with 'Hey, I know you haven't said anything about my woman of the late so I figured you were still on the fence about things.  I haven't brought it up because I didn't want to bring up any tempting thoughts if they were being cruel.  He fired back before I even finished -'Oh I can be tempted!'  lol.  I said ok, lol, I wasn't sure I said, but his response told me a lot.  It sounded like some internal struggle was definitely going on, but looking at the menu and thinking about eating was definitely okay and encouraged. 

So I laughed a bit at him but then seriously said, so, when are you going to be free then? When can I bring her over for you to inspect to see if she interests you?  He said, well, I will be alone in a week, for a whole week, the whole place to myself.  I said 'Reallly.....'.  We talked some more, got into some specifics.  We mentioned the pool.  He thought it would be nice for us just to come over and hop in and he could get to know her under the water and go over her carefully while I watched out for nosey neighbors peeking through the fence cracks.  As soon as she said that, I had visions of her and him not even kissing at that point, in case a neighbor was peeking, but instead, both of them running their hands over each others bodies just under the water.  Just playful at first, I'm sure.  But as each of them breaks away and then wanders close again, I do think that he will be using his fingers and hands to rub her pussy from through her bikini bottoms and she will be stroking his cock through his shorts.  If the coast is still clear, she WILL slip his very hard cock out the top of this swim shorts and look him in the eye as she strokes him off slowly underwater.  I know how she is, I know exactly how this would start.  I also know him.  He will then turn her around and pull her bikini covered hot ass against his released bare cock.  Adjusting it just so to get it nestled between her ass cheeks, pressing up against her so she can feel how hard he is.  I see his hands running over her bikini covered top, with a slight roughness he will be squeezing her breasts and sliding his hands down to her covered pussy to make sure he is fully able to feel everything about her.  He will be whispering softly in her ear, the words I wont be able to hear, probably something to the tune of whether she feels that cock between her ass cheeks, hunting for where it best feels pleasure, hunting for its rightful home. This will not happen extremely fast, nor too long, because at some point, he will pull her bikini bottom to the side and start to rub his bare cock on her bare and bald pussy.  From what angle this will happen, I cant picture it exactly because I know both of them will start to get aggressive, her trying to excite him into taking her right now, right there, and him just naturally doing what his instincts are telling him he must do.  If he has his way, she will still have her ass pressed up against his cock and will either pull her bikini down slightly or to the side and will continue to just keep sliding on her bare pussy.  I know he would like to take her right now, he might even accidentally let her feel his girth slightly enter her, but I know he wont cave and will just keep teasing her.  This will go on and on until finally she is just outright trying to plunge it in.  Even with him actively resisting to do so, she will have broke and will be doing anything she can to have him inside of her.  Its too high of a place and too close of a higher place for her to understand anything else then needing to have him in her right then.  Literally like a crack addict staring at a fresh crack rock in front of them, lol, she wont be able control herself.  He wont either, but, he knows he can control himself and if he does, greater highs are available in the near future and he will lead her there. 

I know this because he does not want just a fuck here and there and for the excitement to be over after a few visits.  He wants incredible orgasms and very frequent visits, with him fucking her just the way he wants.  He said he will let me know when to come over, but sadly, he never called.  I thought he changed his mind, but instead, he did not have the house to himself like he thought he would.  As it stands now, I have sent him a couple more pics that I took of her right before we went out one night, where she pulled her jeans down and sat on my cock for several glorious minutes until I exploded under her spell as she slowly sent her hips in a slow circle.  Here are the pics I took that night and sent to him. 

But that's it, that's all we have discussed for a few weeks now.  I don't know his intentions, maybe I need to tempt him without mercy.  Bring her over in her hot tight jeans with a thong underneath that is just barely visible like in the pics above and just pull her jeans down. Just show him her ass and ask is he sure he doesn't want to come over and inspect what she has going on over here? Maybe even ask if he wants to slap his bare cock on her ass cheeks for a bit..spend some time admiring the ripples of her ass and get close to her to feel her desire.  Maybe even go ahead and pull the thong to the side and just rub his cock on her bare slit for a bit. Maybe I can pull her thong down to her jeans and drop a bit of astroglide between her ass cheeks and he can slide his cock between them for a bit. It wont hurt anything.  Some good quality time like this never hurt a thing as far as I know.......can I watch?  please?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two new firemen

So what is the deal with firemen? Wowsers, I did not know how much ass firemen are able to get.  Insane.  I mean, I am not oblivious to it, even my hotwife appreciates a guy in uniform, especially a fireman.  But I don't think it is just at that level, a little appreciation that is.  It is way more crazy than just some appreciation here and there, lol. I think I can safely say, if a guy is a fireman, slightly above average looks, build, smarts, and endowment, that these guys could  bet laid every single week with a different woman. My woman would love to be a part of any of that action, that's for sure.

Two happen to be on our radar right now.  Both firemen are completely different from each other.  While both sound experienced in playing with a married woman, they are both headed in opposite directions.  One is younger and by the few pictures I have, seems to be in slightly better shape.  In talking to him, he seems to be more of the 'Want to explore every inch of her body for many hours' type of guy.  Noting wrong with this type of guy, noting at all.  I foresee many hours of bliss for her.  They are guaranteed a great time.  He seems slightly dominant, I cant wait to watch.

The second guy, now he is very interesting to me.  Same category of going to be 'going-over-every-inch-of-her-body, but he is much naughtier.  He will bring the mental foreplay into things.  Him and I have briefly communicated via email, but we covered some territory very quickly.  While I always cover the basic issues that must be covered when meeting a new potential for her, its very rarely do I get to cover anything that I would really like to see happen.  That might come just before we hook up or more often then not, it seems to happen just as its happening.  I get to play director for a bit and let me tell you, its a blast.  I think part of the 'blast' at that very moment is because him and her have just had their own blast, going at it in every direction in every position and now are kind of in a 'la-la-land' moment waiting for the next wave of energy to come forth.  That's when I sometime throw something hot out there to try and sometimes I see both of their eyes light up with an 'Oh hell yes' kind of look to them.  And off to more la la moments they go.

But this guy had more to think about.  He took a very dominant role while being very respectful with me.  He laid out some things that he was interested in trying and wanted to know if I was on the same page or not.  "Oh hell yes" I am.  I have read stories that other people have had amazing experiences with a dominant man guiding a couple, read many stories in fact.  The ones that don't go off the deep end with some real crazy stuff are very much a great turn on for me.  I get extremely turned on when I read the good stories, but never would have thought there might be the right guy or guys right here around where we live.

To explain it in more detail, once we were done talking about the basic issues of what she likes, dislikes, whether the filming would be a problem, going over the rules of the condom usage, and some examples of good times we had in the past that we would love to do again, then that's when he started to ask ME some questions.  The questions he wanted to talk about were of how the three of us would have the best time it could be.  He asked about my involvement in the past -exactly- and if I thought it was good, if I wanted more, or if I wanted less.  He asked more and more, I  talked more and more as we went along.  Many very hot things for the both of us came to the surface.  As a primary example, he said that of course he would like some alone time with my hotwife to establish how well we click and if she digs him and such.  But, if she has the hots for him, he said he wanted me to make sure I was in the room watching the two of them.  Since I had told him that the camera rolling doesn't bother her at all and that she will let go 100% while I filmed, he then wanted to make sure I was always involved.  He said its important to establish rank very soon in the bedroom between the three of us.  That there would always be respect between the two of us, that it was good if I witnessed things for a while and then helped out as told.  He said specifically that he wanted to deeply engage her in kissing and would tell me at some point to come over and lick her pussy in order to get it ready for him.  He said he would continue to kiss her while I did this.  I can only imagine the effect this would have on her.  Being deeply brought into his world with deep passionate/slightly rough kisses as the same time as being licked by her husband who was ordered to do so.  I only wondered how much power and rank this would establish right there and then with her. He also said he would be claiming her ass so he would be telling me to prepare her ass for him also with lots of licking to make sure to relax her and make sure it went in smoothly.  He mentioned keeping me close as he fucked her, making sure I was very involved by seeing everything he does to her very close and in detail.  Said there would be much more in the future of these kinds of things.

Wow.  Two completely different evenings this would make between the two of these firemen.  But I am very interested in talking to the second one and learning more about myself while at the same time having him lead her to higher places.  Since we have been talking, I have even asked each potential since how dominant they are or are not.  I just want to know up front how they see things working the best for them.  I love to be off to side and in the shadows in an effort to capture her being unleashed naturally, but I also don't want to miss an opportunity to be more involved.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Use my referral for a Dropbox account and I will send you some exlusive pics.

I'm a pretty nice guy and this is a win win for anyone needing a Dropbox account. If you have never heard of Dropbox, here is the skinny - you get 2 gigabytes of free space of online storage that you can use  to keep files synced between all your online devices, from Android and iPhones, to netbooks, tablets, desktop computers, and Macs.  Its like a usb thumbdrive that you never have to have with you as your files are already being transferred to the 'cloud'.  If you were to lose your phone or laptop, get a new one, log onto your Dropbox account and all your stuff will start downloading to your new computer, so its also a safe place to keep things.  They have paid plans that offer a lot more space, but I am only using the free account, I love it.

So here is my deal -  you sign up and activate your free account with my referral link here.  Not only will you thank me later for such a sweet program, seriously, but you and I will get 250 megabytes more free space just for using my referral.  We both can get our fee account up to 8 GB total with this method, so you can just send out referrals to your friends later.  You both will get and additional 250 megabytes.

Also, I am offering some free pics of my hotwife to sweeten the deal.  Just hit me up at and ill verify you activated your Dropbox account. I will send you the pics.  They will be hot ones, exclusive, not on this site anywhere.  Or they can be larger ones of any that you like that are found on this site.  I'm thinking a good 10 pics, you can even call out what you would like to see, I will try my best to accommodate. 

So, its a win win. Its not going to be available for long.  Thanks.  Oh, and here is a sample pic, who wants to see her pull them all the way down?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My hotwife knows my buttons and pushes them

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I know what I like.  Here is a picture heavy post of exactly that.  I did some digging to find these clips and pics from the 90's.  This particular porn star caught my eye  way back then for her tan lines, belly chain, very pretty nails and her eagerness to show it all off. Stuff like this is why my woman has me so captivated by her. She did all this before I even met her.
Porn starlets work hard on being very desirable to the industries appetite for more of her.  These hotties need a great showing to get their next gig, to make money, especially in the long run. This is no game for them, this is everything for them.  So they appeal to what is needed to make it big fast.  All they have to do is make it so anyone who sees them on video must have more.  Stand out, get noticed, make guys so hot for her that they need more and more.  So I'm not saying anything new here, pretty obvious stuff.  This particular scene  turns my crank because she is really dressed up.  I love a hot scene where they are wearing hot clothes.  It easily took me away to being in the presence of such a pretty a woman. She is a very well put together package, I learned right then that tan-lines looked to me like they were fuckable lingerie.  Like a swimsuit that doesn't even have to be pulled aside to gain access.  Always perfectly in place. This is pretty intense for me. A thong tan line is no joke for me. Back to this scene, I love how she is dressed to kill and underneath I know she is rocking a hot bod. The camera man also knows how hot her ass is and how it will make men crave her, need to fuck her.  She was one of the reasons I know what I like. Honestly, when my woman dresses like this, she brings me to my knees.

hotwife eye candy

below is quick edited video of these those picture captures:

This is why a hotwife is different-no need for the money.  They want to stand out, get noticed, and make guys so hot for them they need more and more, yes, that's the same.  They just do it from their own desires, their own fantasies coming true, their own need to feel a new cock and the excitement it all brings.  They don't do it for the money, they do it for the hot fucking.  For the chance to get a big cocked stud in bed, to turn him on and drive him wild.  For the new scenario and what it might bring.  All the while feeling pleasure she only dreamed of.  But its way hotter knowing it comes naturally, changes everything.  But  hotwife can learn a lot by looking around at what the porn starlets are doing these days to get the insight on things.  Their goal is still the same. And truthfully, they are professionals at what they do.  They have taken advice and learned from everyone.  Pick up hints here and there, try things that fit her personality and uniqueness.  With a little research, she can be extremely powerful.  For the hot reasons.

Here are some more pics from a different scene, more amazing tan line, much of this is art to me.

These pics are hot, but the difference of not attracting men for just money is not a small thing.  This is an epic difference actually.  Its actually the very thing that porn directors wish came naturally, wish that it didn't cost money, cause what they get on film is tainted by the fact its just that, its has a tainted foundation of them just needing the money..  Even if it was an all natural performance, its still not the same.

A another scene, I love how he has a hold of her exactly where needs her.

For straight porn, a well filmed hotwife is the hottest thing there is.  Sure, everyone has their specific kinks, besides those, this is the thing porn directors dream of capturing on film. You know this because of all attempts to make a porn flick that emulates real amateur video.  The amateur video has it right, its the hottest, it is capturing the very essence of hotness, its just that they shoot crappy videos.  They don't use expensive equipment especially the lighting.  But cheap stuff is getting better and better.  Cameras like the FLIP are coming out cheaper and better. Things will be changing on that front as those roll out.

I love pool scenes as I had a childhood of spending a lot of time at the pool with girls in skimpy bikini's. Had a lot of erections to hide.

The last point is, my hotwife IS the hottest scenario I can imagine.  She strives to turn men on and works hard on being fuckable.  She works on her body, works out 4 times a week, watching what she eats, the epic tanline, nails, what she wears, and always looking for the next thing to turn a guy on.  Lately she even said she is going to start watching some submissive women in porn to get some hints of what a guy likes, like my friend from the other posts.  Said she wants to make sure he likes what he gets from her and comes back for more.  His desires are for a woman to be held exactly as he wants her, in place and begging for his cock, among many other things.  Intense.

On  a different side of things, I came across a hotwifes bio on the net, check this out
Body Type: I work very hard to keep myself fuckable. I am VERY athletic. I work out daily and eat a very healthy diet to keep my body in top sex form. I am tan, tight, toned and strong. I am petite so I can move around easily to pleasure you and you can move me easily too.  I can even sit on your lap and fuck you while you drive (oh ya, that’s illegal).

 turn ons:  The looks I get from men and women when I wear something naughty or see-thru in public; when my pussy is wet and dripping in the middle of the day for no reason at all; men’s bodies but most specifically their well built arms and thighs; and of course a nice hard cock to play with!  fantasies:  Seeing an attractive guy (or girl) and fucking them in the nearest convenient place-spontaneously!

I am everything you want: petite, sexy, and ready. Sex is the center of me, I love to have sex in any position, but put me on top and watch me go! I enjoy NOT wearing a bra or panties. It keeps my mind constantly on sex and keeps my pussy very wet. A dress or skirt is my favorite thing to wear. I like to be ready and easily accessible because you just never know.
When I got married, my husband and I were both virgins. Of course we spent a lot of time learning how to pleasure each other. I didn’t tell my hubby this in the beginning, but after we were together the first time, I instantly knew that I wanted to fuck other men. Not because he wasn’t amazingly hot, but because sex was sooo so good that I wanted to try it out with others and a lot. Fast forward a few years and my wish would come true. My wonderful hubby comes to me and asks if he can talk to me about our sex life. We proceed to have a discussion about how he wants me to fuck other men!!! (I already knew he had an extremely voyeuristic side and he loved to watch me have pleasure.) Of course I “acted” taken aback, but with a wicked grin on my face, told him I would think about it.
That little sex talk has led us to where we are today. We started with me fucking other men and progressed to hot sex fun with couples, me finding my bi-side with women, having hot orgies, finding out I can squirt, and really there is no limit to the wicked fun that I could have and want. With all this sex fun, I discovered that I really like the feeling when a man’s cocks throbs and fills my pussy full with their hot juicy cum (YES “Creampies”). I also found that I love COCK with all its variations (including black cock!) and crave to suck them until they either can’t hold back and spurt their yummy seed down my throat (yes I swallow) or spurt it all over my breasts, tummy, wherever. Of course hubby’s voyeuristic side means that we do all the pictures and video ourselves from our home, outside, hotel, or wherever it spontaneously happens!

My Hubby and I started watching porn together before we ever ventured into playing with others. The videos and pictures of hot women getting fucked, creampied, semen spurting in their mouths and on breasts, and two women enjoying each other’s hot supple bodies was such an injection of spiciness to our sex life that we couldn’t get enough. Our favorite porn movies and pictures have always been those that are realistic, that portray what really happens during sex. We love actual cum shooting inside pussy, mouth, ass, etc. Now my adventures have led us to create this website. This is a REALITY site, what you see inside is me craving and getting wild hot sex everywhere I go. I have so much hot fun exploring sex that I wanted to share and broaden my horizons as to meeting more men and women that I can fuck and suck to ultimate pleasure.

That is some amazing stuff there.  Love the creampie talk, hot, love the need to to be fuckable.   I actually read it a couple of times.  Anyways, I will post more pics and clips of a few more hot scenes and porn stars that helped me create my addiction for my woman.  And how she mentions cum being shot inside her pussy, mouth, and ass.  Very hot. She mentions also that they guys she hooks up with are required to get tested, that does give some freedom for all that kind of talk above, but still, hot to think about.

I hope to have some new scenarios myself to post soon.  Cause nothing turns me on more....